The Mighty M.

Hey there everyone!

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My name is Emma de Mooij and I was born in a cold country wearing cloggs and eating cheese… Yes Holland!
But when I turned 12 my world turned up side down. My parents decided to move to Spain. Wait what?! Mum, what about my friends? But Dad, I don’t even speak the language! Honestly I was terrified.
But now at the age of 19, looking back, I am grateful to my parents that they made that life changing decision. Moving to Spain has changed me as a person (in a good way I guess) and has given me a greater understanding about people, cultures and lifestyles but also about taking chances.

Having to start from the bottom, in a country I didn’t speak the language or knew anyone has taught me to never give up, even how difficult the situation might get. If you stay positive and open minded, solutions will come your way and I am speaking from experiences because in the end, I had the best time of my life back there in Spain.

Now I have started a new chapter in my life, studying the thing I love most, product design. I have returned to my cold country and I am exited for the new opportunities I have here. I am taking on everything with a positive mind and a big smile on my face 😀



One thought on “The Mighty M.”

  1. I love the saying, “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop”… – like a turtle – which doesn’t mean “take your time going through school”, but if life makes it necessary to take a break, then Always come back to your dream. You are never too old to learn (it IS harder to finish your school with 2 kids, but even that makes you a better manager. 🙂


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