Let us introduce ourself!

Hello everybody!

My name is Emma and together with my team members, Andra, Sander, Justas and Amir we study Industrial Design Engineering at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
Our aim is to help a NGO called Robótica Educativa in accomplishing their goals.
Hold on! A NGO… What is that?
Honestly I wasn´t so sure at first but let me explain you!
A NGO, a non-governmental organization, is a non-profit, citizen group that functions independently of the government.

Like I said before, we will be working with the NGO Robótica Educativa for the next eight weeks. Robótica Educativa is a Mexican organization targeting the education of Mexican children. The education is mainly aimed at schooling children using simple robotics intended to stimulate their interests towards science.
Our aim is to help them through suggesting new and innovative ideas and help them with any struggles they encounter on the way.

I hope you are as excited as we are!
Follow our journey together with our NGO through this blog.

Our roles in this project are:
Andra Niculescu – Team Project Leader
Sander de Leeuw – Client Services
Emma de Mooij – Documentarian
Justas Mockus – Technology Steward
Amir Salar Nojomi – Production Manager


3 thoughts on “Let us introduce ourself!”

  1. We are excited too, Emma. And the blog is working well. While you deviated from the suggested theme, that is not a problem. We are not grading you based on following directions.

    If you are the person who set it up, please see if you can look into steps 4-7 at


    for creating categories for your posts, and especially for setting up the sidebar widgets so there is the thing that lists links to each author’s posts. There is plenty of time to work on this, especially as blog writing may be something new to everybody.

    I encourage every person on your team to think as well on adding hyperlinks for relevant words or organizations. If I came across this blog post, the only way I might learn about The Hauge University of Applied Sciences or NGO Robótica Educativa is to search for them… you can easily connect a reader via making those words a link. Creating links are a way you can show what is relevant or to provide information by reference.

    Keep up the blogging, you are off to a good start.


  2. Hi to all of the team. Since you don’t yet have a team post (all intros so far, and very interesting) I wanted to leave a question. What have you learned about your NGO so far? I hope that together you blog about that. I’m CURIOUS!


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