Personal Blog Post Sander:

Communities take a prominent and important role in my life, they make it possible to meet likeminded and enjoy life together with them.

Thanks to online communities – like Reddit and other fora – I can make use of a nearly endless numbers of communities and find enthusiast fanatics in any field of work. Using their collective knowledge and skills creates a huge source of inspiration.


Robotica Educativa is investigating possibilities to use online communities and platforms to spread their educational program throughout Mexican youth. Also they are looking for cheaper Robots to work with.

My first thought would be to encourage the use of Arduino-, RaspberryPi-, or other PCB computer’s to use as educative means. These PCB computers – all results of great open source communities – have several advantages: Open source hardware and software is cheap, and above all the hard- and software is documented very well and free most of the time.


Because I like fiddling around with robotics (on a low skill level…) I’m glad we got this NGO to work with. Though because most of the whole project is still very very vague my enthusiasm has been tempered a bit, leaving me quite confused.



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