Blatant – Sander – Self Promotion:

In contrast to most of you (my fellow students) I’m not very well travelled, I still live quite close to my home ground. And so I’m thankful to all of you bringing all these cultures to me instead of me having to get out there and find them myself. You are doing a great job πŸ˜‰

The place I’m from is called Zeeland. No it’s not the place they shot LOTR, apart from the name the number of sheep/mΒ² is probably the only similarity with New Zealand.
Zeeland literally translates into sea-land, geologically very correct nomenclature since the majority of the province surface is water. Knowing about my origin being closely tied to the sea could give you a better understanding of why I have one great passion: Windsurfing!

In surfing and windsurfing the biggest fun lies in the game you play with mother nature. Every spot, every day, every session and even every wave you surf is different. It will never matter how good you get, you will always be dependant on the weather, on tides, and on waves. These are all conditions you can not influence one bit. You will just have to go with the flow.

And it is in this go-with-the-flow-attitude where you will find my superpower. No matter how well prepared you are, in real life you’ll never know what is gonna happen next. You’ll be dependant on group-mates, colleagues and friends, and sometimes you will have to improvise on the spot there and than!

PS please excuse me for my late superpower-post. Since I was a little confusiated about our blog contents I started out with a reflection on our NGO task. Please see my earlier post as a bonus.

PPS please cut me some slack when windspeeds exceed 14m/s SW, I won’t be able to have normal conversations, and have to get to the water ASAP πŸ˜‰


One thought on “Blatant – Sander – Self Promotion:”

  1. Oh Memories Sander…. When I studied Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida… I was able to schedule my own classes when I wanted. Design Methodology at 8:00 am for example, so I could be out on the water asap when the wind blew around WK6. Storm sail on and GO… I didn’t have to cut classes (usually) since I was out at 12:00 a lot of days. But I would if I “just had to” and I know the feeling. You can’t control the weather. This was back in the early 80’s when my bicepts (as well as tricepts) were amazing and I could stand on the edge (or with just one foot in the strap) racing accross the lake in Gainesville Florida. No wetsuit, but also no waves… unfortunately, I never mastered waves so after evoling to wakeboarding, I could do the cables, but never tried the kite surfing Okje is a master of.
    At 55, I will still wakeboard on a quite day, but I don’t think I’m going to make those jumps anymore. But that’s okay. I love the thrill of watching and can almost… almost … feel it. πŸ™‚

    It will be great to see some of the designs which come from all your different passions, since we have quite a few sports lovers in this class. Follow that passion, do what you love, design what you love… and you’ll do well.


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