Little Miss Stubborn


Helloo everyone, my name is Andra and ONE of my superpowers ( because I have several haha ) is to be a big stubborn girl. I know what you think, the title says „Little Miss Stubborn” but if you will only look at me for a second you will understand why I used the word „big”.


Soo back to my superpower…i find this characteristic of mine a blessing, although some of you will see it as a disadvantage. However it did bring me here, to Den Haag at this awesome university (THUAS), with you guys! There is a saying in Romania (the country I come from), I am not sure if this saying is also used in the Netherlands, but I will tell you it anyway “You are as stubborn as a ram“. These few words describe me, and if I want to achieve something, nothing can stop me. I will go through anything to fulfill my wishes and I really hope that this superpower will help me overcome any obstacle that will I come across in the next 3 years.

Some of you will see me as “such a little diva”, because of my stubbornness. However as the time passes you will get to know me better and you will hopefully get to appreciate this characteristic of mine.

Soo this has been my first post, I hope it wasn’t too bad.. I promise to try harder next time. Bye bye!!



2 thoughts on “Little Miss Stubborn”

  1. Not a Diva? But plenty of determination! That is a better word than “stubborn”. See how this superpower can help your teammates when they are feeling down or tired of all the “work” or feeling pressured. What will this power be able to help with?


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