Our Teams Sweet Spot! – Updated

Hey everyone!

During this week we have learned about finding our own sweet spot. Your sweet spot is the intersection of your passion, purposes and gifts or skills. This spot makes it easier to commit yourself to success. Honestly, your sweet spot is not easy to find but worth the journey of looking for it! This is the sweet spot model:

So as a team, using this model,  we tried to find similiraties in characteristics and interests between eachother to find out which is the best way to work together and to succeed in this project. Each of us wrote down his or her passions and gifts and whith this information we created this table below to easily show our similarities:

teams passions and gifts 1 (2)Our teams purpose is to help others with our gifts and passions.

Using this information about each one of us we see that creativity and social interactions stand out. Creativity allows us to think of new ideas or solutions to help Robótica Educativa and the social interactions will help with the online communication with our NGO but also the internal communication within our team.
So considering the information above, our teams Sweet Spot is;
Creating interactive tools that are fun and simple to use between students and teachers for Robótica Educativa.


3 thoughts on “Our Teams Sweet Spot! – Updated”

  1. Hi IDE researchers!
    Nice visual of the sweet spot! Did you create it yourself? (asking just in case, it sometimes happens that I forget to source the visuals I use, so this is actually a mental not for myself :))
    This being a reflective blog, I wonder, why did you not put the individual purposes in the table? Because none of you could find one? Without a purpose, it must be really hard to find your team’s sweet spot! So, here’s a tip: why not work in a reversed order: think about what you would like to offer to you client (=team’s purpose) and THEN try to think which of the gifts and passions could come in handy to be able to realise this purpose. Combine these three elements in one sentence, and there you have your team’s sweet spot.
    Another small tip, sometimes you need to see things in a more abstract way to see the similarities between things. For instance: having a lot of sports minded people in your team could very well mean you as a team can bring a lot of ENERGY to the table!


  2. You have a lovely graphic and a cute table. Could you may be also share how all these similarities impact/help your team work? And how does this appeal to our NGO?

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  3. You guys learnt how to seek your sweet spot and use it on the Project Community. Combining two courses together and using flexibly. Smart guys!!!


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