Overview of Week Two – Our NGO and Us.

At the beginning of this week my team and I were still a little confused about what our NGO was exactly about and what our purpose was in helping them. After sitting down together and discussing the information we had gathered over the days we got to a point of clarity about our roles and what our NGO expects from us.
Questions arose and we decided to arrange a Skype meeting with our NGO. Through email, our client service team member Sander, contacted Cinthia from Robótica Educativa to arrange a meeting. Mexico has a seven hour time difference compared to here, The Netherlands, so we had to take this into account. At 17:00 o´clock, 10:00 local Mexican time, we had contact with Cinthia and one of her technical assistants. Unfortunately our Skype meeting was short-lived, we had internet connection problems and could not hear them speak.
So instead of asking our pending questions to our NGO through Skype we agreed to stay in contact through email.
We are hoping to establish a Skype meeting soon that won’t be disrupted as we would like to get to know Cinthia a little better and to clarify some ideas and suggestions.


One thought on “Overview of Week Two – Our NGO and Us.”

  1. Hey guys! Why don’t you try Hangouts if Skype doesn’t work? With e-mail you will miss out on a lot. For example: you will only get respons on your questions and you can’t ask further or for a clearer explanation.


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