Refraction trough a Client Servicer.

As a client servicer I form a bridge between our client – Robotica Educativa – and the members of my own team. In this role of spokesman the things I do most are gathering questions of my team-mates, asking those questions to Robotica Educativa and subsequently brief my team-mates with this newly gathered information. In this iterative process I get to rephrase and reform my thoughts each step of the process. And thus I have a clear view on the challenges Robotica Educativa faces, and the opportunities we have to help them conquer their goals. In this post I’ll try to clarify my thoughts.

the client servicer

Robotica Educativa is a NGO facilitating education in robotics, their goal is to get children – in ages ranging from 9 to 17 – interested and acquainted with science, logics and physics. It is situated in Mexico, which’ economical climate causes the main challenges.

At this moment Robotica Educativa has got her own facility where students come by to be educated face to face. Because this method limits the range of students they are able to reach, they have future plans for expanding via on line platforms. One of our goals in this course is to advice Robotica Educativa on what possible platforms to use, and how to effectively use them.

In the on line educational program the idea is that students (or their parents) buy the course materials themselves. Ready to use robotics kits do exist but they do not suffice in the needs of Robotica Educativa. For instance there is Makeblock and LEGO that sell ready to go robotics kits. But at 350 USD a kit – more than the average monthly income in Mexico – this simply is not feasible.

In the next couple of weeks my team will be looking in to possibilities on how this feasibility problem can be tackled. We will look into the possibilities of crowd funding as a source of income for better affordable robotic kits, and to generate awareness about Robotica Educativa. For instance a campaign could be used to sell robotics kits worldwide and invest part of the takings directly into the NGO.

Also we’ll investigate crowd sourcing, and we’ll try to find other organizations alike. In other words, find a community where Robotica Educativa could harvest and share knowledge.

Finally we will try to make a connection with LEGO and see if they would be interested in cooperating with Robotica Educativa. For LEGO this brings a marvellous opportunity to connect their name to a beautiful NGO and doing so improve their brand image.


One thought on “Refraction trough a Client Servicer.”

  1. Good ideas, maybe you can look to see if there are existing charities that could help fund the kits. In Mexico there is also a museum called Papalote museo del nin~o which has lots of technology and cool science tricks just for kids. I think the main one is in Mexico City, but I also remember going to it in Quintana Roo when I was younger, but i think it was a traveling one. Maybe if you get in contact with them they might be able to offer some incite on how to fund the kits and make them available.


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