A spidergram to demonstrate the activities of our NGO.

During this week we have been looking at spidergrams. A spidergram shows a summary of facts or ideas connected by lines to the main subject, in a central circle. A connected line is drawn round the spidergram to show the importance of the idea – The closer towards the centre, the less important.
We drew a spidergram for the activities of Robótica Educativa;
Spidergram Robótica Educativa
The advantage we got from constructing this spidergram is that we had to think about where we were going to place our ideas related to the centre topic and then having every idea in its place, we got a clearer image of their actions. This gave us a better picture of how we can help our NGO and it gave us some new questions to think about and to ask to our NGO.
One example, looking at Relations and Communications on our spidegram, we wondered, whith how many schools are they in contact? or, Do they have contact with partners (communication with companies like them)?

Working on our spidergram.


One thought on “A spidergram to demonstrate the activities of our NGO.”

  1. Good questions… I look forward to hearing what you find out. By the way, I left you a note in FB about the possibility of collaborating w/ students in Mexican universities if you are interested!


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