Overview Week Three – Work Teams

This week we concentrated most on how to exhibit effective teamwork. Our group communication was good but there were some small things that could change for better teamwork and interaction between each of us.
First we clarified our goals with clear directions and agreements so everyone had a good understanding of the project, our roles and aims and about our NGO. We discovered that an important part of teamwork is to have a comfortable environment where we t2015-09-23 14.57.58rust eachother and feel free to express our opinions, wheter good or bad. To improve our teams´ environment we are planning to meet up as friends in our free time to get to know eachother better and to build a bond that will give a sense of belonging to the group. Our team conists of 5 members and each one of us is raised with a different cultural background. This is great as each one of us is unique with irreplacable experiences, points of view, knowledge and opinions to contibute to our team. Therefore I think its vital to respect eachothers opinions and to view them from a different perpective as to what you are used to. Understanding each other will form a stronger team.


3 thoughts on “Overview Week Three – Work Teams”

    1. We want to improve our team work by formulating team activities or team meetings and help our team members if they struggle with a certain task. Most important is to work together allowing us to accomplish a lot more!


      1. Hi Ideresearchers!
        Nice post, we also had to clarify our main goals in this week.
        I’m feeling the same about the importance of a friendly environment and communication, relations between each-other.
        I’m looking forward to hearing about your particular team building methods, activities.
        Please, share your experiences with us, because I would also like to work on it with my teammates. 🙂


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