How are we going to make this feasible?

The big challenge for Robotica Educativa’s is: How can we make owning a robotics kit feasible for the average Mexican family?

One option would be to look into the possibility of simply choose a cheaper products as a educational robot. Obviously the question is; will a cheaper robot be able to suffice in the same way as a more costly one? We’ll have to ask this to Cinthia, our contact within Robotica Educativa.

In the following links you will find some education robots for a drastically lower price than the ones provided by LEGO:

Another way would be to drastically change the view on educational Robotics. For instance not by getting chips and electronic components – all made in china – but by looking for mechanical robots made with parts right out of the dumpster!


We’ll look into this possibility in the coming week. The hard part – which I’m most skeptical about – is to make the robot’s usable as genuine robots. So not just a cardboard box that has the appearance of a starwars character, but a real robot with sensors, programmable controllers, actuators, etc.

Another option would be to get local organizations exited to help for the good cause. Also this week we are going to further look into this option. Two concrete plans are getting into contact with the university in Mexico City, in particular with the robotics faculty. Secondly we’ll be trying to get into contact with the popular modern science museum. As I understood from Benji’s comment last week, they have an area where they get kids acquainted with Robotics.

In Mexico there is also a museum called Papalote museo del nin~o which has lots of technology and cool science tricks just for kids. – Benji

So concluding, enough work for coming week.


2 thoughts on “How are we going to make this feasible?”

  1. Hey Sander,
    have you thought about not only working together with a science museum – great idea by the way- but also connecting with other students around the world? Because there are a lot or engineering students around the world working on and with robots and they´ll know all about the technical facts that you probably don´t know about. So connecting with them can probably be really awesome as you´ll get to know so many more aspects on your project. Maybe ask Nancy if she has any contacts for you. I bet that´ll open up some amazing new opportunities.
    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Hi Marie,

      Good idea! Actually we are already trying to get into contact with the engineering faculty of a Mexican university close to where Robotica Educativa is situated.

      But you’re right! We should not limit ourselves to local Mexican students only.


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