Meeting with Cinthia 1-10-15 – meeting topics

This is simply a list of topics I’d like to discuss with Cinthia in our meeting tomorrow. If you can not make it to the meeting please ad suggestions for possible subjects for discussion / questions in the comments.

Our plans

  • Crowd funding campaign
  • Getting into contact with university
  • Getting into contact with Papalote Museo
  • Getting into contact with LEGO
  • Change type of Robots (from mechanical to nonmoving)

Mock up crowd funding campaign

  • What is the target audience for a possible funding campaign?
  • What is the best suiting platform to launch a campaign?

Rewards, stretch goal rewards:

This is basically what a backer (someone who financially supports or backs you campaign) gets in return for his or hers money. Obviously it helps if this is a fun, interesting and robotics related product or service.

  • access to their online course in robotics by Robotica Educativa.

Stretch goals:

  • Number of backers
  • Achievements unlocked
  • More achievements


  • Number of likes on fb
  • Number of followers on twitter
  • Crazy stuff (pictures including robotics, videos, events, etc)

Contact with local University

We have made a first attempt in getting into contact with engineering professors at the Univ. of Guadalajara and Tech de Monterrey.

Papalote Museo

Papalote Museo is a modern and popular scientific museum where kids learn about science in a interactive way. We are currently looking into the option of a corporation between Robotica Educativa and the museum. But since the museums website is in Spanish this will take a while.


We tried getting into contact with LEGO. On their website they state they are willing to help projects and or charities that help kids develop creativity, imagination and encourage learning trough play. We think Robotica Educativa would be the ideal candidate to receive support from LEGO. Basically what I’ve asked LEGO if they are willing to corporate with Robotica Educativa, they could for instance supply robot kits for a better price to kids participating in the course.

LEGO website ——————-

For more than 80 years, the core values of the LEGO Group have been Fun, Creativity, Imagination, Learning, Quality and Caring, and we want to make a positive impact on children’s lives through play.

We support:

  • projects that are 100% charitable.
  • charitable organisations which promote children’s play, learning and creativity.
  • charitable organisations which support marginalised and vulnerable children.

If your project meets the criteria listed above and you wish to enquire about a product donation, please write to:

LEGO website ——————-

Change type of robots:

Robots with actuators are obviously appealing to a child’s mind, but the actuators make stuff more complex and expensive as well. Maybe it’s an idea to look into nonmoving robots. With for instance only a Arduino and a small led matrix (or 3d led qube) possibilities in programing are really broad! And a setup like this would only cost a fraction of the kits provided by LEGO/Makeblock…

2d matrix controlled by joystick (yuotube)

In a setup like this other sensors could also be added, for instance gyroscopes to controle the led by gravity/acceleration…


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