Our NGO´s main challenge, as already mentioned in a previous post by Sander, is that the robot-kits for the children are too expensive. They cost around 350 USD, which in Mexico is even more than what a regular Mexican worker would earn in a month.

So how can we solve this financial struggle? We contacted one of the members of Robótica Educativa to give us some more detailed information about the quantity of roborts they need and what their desired price range is. During the interview, he told us that they will need 100 robots, each with a preferable maximum price of 100 USD.
Looking into this, making molds for the robots they need could be an option but after more research, the amount of 100 robots a year is way too small to be beneficial to produce a mold for the robots. Besides, the average price to create a mold costs about 1000 USD. We could not find any other way to make the robots cheaper.

Taking this into consideration, we put our thinking hats on again and looked at the problem from another angle. Robótica Educativa will need 35,000 USD a year for the robots so can we maybe help them to reach this amount of money instead of finding a way to create cheaper robots?papalote-museo-del-nino
We came with the idea of setting up a co-operation with the famous Mexican museum: El Papalote Museo del Niño. The Papalote museum is an interactive science museum for children. Their goal is to stimulate childrens curiosity and interest for experimenting and imagining through the use of dynamic and interactive rooms. I though it would be a great idea if Robótica Educativa could work together with the Papalote museum as they already have a LEGO workshop about
constructing the city of the future, which in my opinion, could be perfectly combined with the robots from Robótica.

So how would this help with the financial situation?
Firstly Robótica Educativa will enrich the museum by providing knowledge and attract more people to the museum. The museum will hire Robotica Educativa and pay them for their visit which will be part of the money to pay for the robots. Robótica Educative will build up an exposition 20 times a year there where children can follow a workshop and learn about robotics. With the income of the workshops Robótica Educativa should come close to the budget for the robots and maybe through donations they will have enough money to pay for the 100 robots.


One thought on “Solutions!”

  1. This is a really out of the box idea! very original and smart using a museum to earn profit instead of donations. However have you clarified that these types of museum will let organisations set up workshops there. Maybe you should send them an email if its possible, this will give your NGO a more solid reason to procure your solution.


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