Measure Our Success or Failure

As i had several times conversation with our Client service and other members of group from the beginning, our biggest challenge was figure out the best solution for our NGO. In past pervious weeks we came up with one solution which we feel it is useful for our NGO, all is based on financial issue. As a production manager i believe our solution is one of the successful one for them, however the other two groups they have their own solution as well.

On the other hand, The most impact which we made for our client in my opinion is that, We try to connect our NGO with educational organisation such as university and library.


Summery Of The Production Process

In the first place, with two other groups we came to the conclusion to use Prezi to make the video. Prezi is a cloud-based (SaaS) presentation software and storytelling tool which is used for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. In the video, we have presented the problems and the solutions on robots. Every group had the responsibility to appoint a person to record their voice and provide the solution they have came up with. At the end, we edited and mixed the recorded voice with the presentation with Prezi and made the final version that was made into a video. You can see the 3 solutions we came up in the final version.

Thirsty Of Invention

Hello ladies and gentlemen!10690323_762750307097689_7625537307553882550_n

I’m AmirSalar Nojomi from Iran, one of the industrial design engineer student and im going to do my first blog post for project community. I’m graduate from Canadian Ontorio secondary school, I was studding in Malaysia for two and half years and after graduated I moved to the Hungary in Budapest, I had one year Pre engineering course and after that one semester Civil Engineering.

My biggest educational prize was in grade 10, in Khwarizmi international award! I was making car break automation as a student. I used to work with AVR-microcontroller, solid works, C++ and illustrator. I am looking forward to get this opportunity in The Hauge University for new innovation. On the other hand,as a hobby I’m interest about martial arts, car racing, winter sports and water sports and specially music festival. I love challenge and more ever I love to study hard about what I like to do and generate my idea.

I am going to explain how should be a Successful community project like,

Firstly, Successful community conservation projects are well planned and use inclusive planning and decision-making processes.

Secondly, Involve everyone. Community conservation projects are effective where all parties are involved in the planning and decision-making at all stages.  Working as a team with NGOs at the first step would be a very good example of how this project community is going to help us to bring up ideas and solutions for the problems they are facing.

In conclusion, Successful community conservation projects create opportunities for enjoyable learning and participation throughout the project, achieving lasting results.