Just In Time


I’m Justas from Lithuania, now studying IDE in Hague University of applied science.

As far as I remember, I have always found myself interested in how things work and look. I spent so much time trying to figure out different kinds of mechanism details, look into what kind of materials they are made from and how they are designed. Sketching on paper and ability to convert imagination to reality has always fascinated me so much. It is something special that I cannot find in any other subject. My curiosity in design started in adolescence, when drawing graffiti art and animation took the most part of my leisure time.Parents were the main supporters to me and provided me with an opportunity to attend art school for 3 years. Soon I was lucky to find a great art teacher – an expert artist who managed to open a new whole art world to me. Since I was 6 I have been going in for different branches of sports, including ballroom dancing, swimming or athletics. But I found kayak paddling sports the most exhilarating and have already been practicing it for 4 years.

I proud that I have opportunity to study in The Hague University which gives a lot of opportunities not even improve design skills but also explore design world. For this moment I am participating in project community, so I am trying communicate and work with a NGO.
My coach always says  that when you think about stopping, then run harder. So I am ready here to gain a lot of priceless experience.